Sugaring – A Sweeter Alternative to Shaving?

Sugaring received a lot of press attention in the 1990s, when a series of infomercials and an aggressive ad print campaign tried to convince women everywhere that sugaring was a painless and natural way to remove hair. Sugaring may not leave you laughing or shrieking with joy, but it is a decent alternative to waxing. Just don’t believe everything you hear about it.
The truth is, sugaring has been used as a way to remove unwanted hair for many generations, especially in India. The good news is that it is all natural, consisting mainly of sugar, liquid sugars (such as molasses or honey) and something acidic (lemon juice in the most natural preparations).

How does Sugaring work?

Much the way that waxing does: you spread the warmed mixture on the areas that are to be de-fuzzed, put a thin cloth strip over the skin, rip the cloth off and Voila – hairfree!

Short, sweet and pain-free?

Commercials and ads promise sugaring to be “virtually pain free” but it really depends on your pain threshold. The first time I tried sugaring was much like the first time I waxed: I was left teary-eyed, splotchy-skinned, and cursing. Those who have sparse hair, who are immune to pain, or who have waxed or sugared for a while may feel less pain. You can minimize the pain by sugaring after a warm bath (when pores are open) and by pulling the skin around a cloth strip very tight just before tearing the strip off. Ripping hair out by the root can still be painful, no matter how it is done. You may find that you have to go over an area a few times to get the same smoothness as waxing. This is likely because sugars don’t “stick” to the hairs as securely as wax does.

Is sugaring for me?

If you have sensitive skin or find cold wax too messy, sugaring may be your ideal method of hair removal. The all-natural ingredients are a plus for women who find they get irritated by wax.

Which body parts can I sweeten up?

The mildness of the ingredients in sugaring mean that it can be used anywhere and everywhere unwanted hair lies – under the arms, on legs, on arms, even the face and bikini line.

How long do the results last for?

Weeks. You won’t have to remove hair every day (something that can be very irritating). And like waxing, hair gets softer and sparser with repeated sugaring, making it easier to get rid of.

The verdict on sugaring:

Sugaring is less expensive than waxing, because the ingredients used to make the product are so simple. The real plus of this method is the clean up. Since sugar is water-soluble, you can just hop into the shower after sugaring and wash it all off. There also is no underwear-sticking-to-legs syndrome as there is with waxing. If you want an inexpensive, environmentally friendly, body-friendly, and effective way to get rid of hair, you should give sugaring a try!


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  1. MissAngel says:

    Hello…(I do not know if my question has anything do do with this)Well You see I have used a hair removal on my hair and legs… It is supposed to freeze the hairs and I thought it was supposed to distroy it from the root, but I guess it did not because it is growin back a faint black.(darker and thicker) Right now it is not that bad at all… But i was just surprised and I HAVE NO CLU WHAT TO DO TO GET RID IF IT! I know shaving will make it so much worse because it cuts like a part of the hair and makes it thicker, darker, and longer, stronger .etc. But what should I do??? Maybe the cream or whatever made some of the hairs dissappear, but other that that, THEY ARE THICK!!! Please what should I do? I do not want to be hairy!!! I beg for your help!!! O_Oi am thirteen…Is sugaring okay for me???

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