Sexy Leg Waxing Secrets

If your legs cultivate obnoxious weeds over the winter months, it’s time to let the sun shine in. Say goodbye to those well-worn slacks; say hello to short skirts, sideways glances and kudos.

There is never a better time to crack open a pot and get ripping. Wax your legs yourself or get it done at a Salon. Here are the need-to-know secrets to achieving that gorgeous leg look at home:

Get Hairy!

  • Ideally, grow ΒΌ of an inch (6mm) of leg fuzz before embarking on this inexpensive, yet successful method of hair removal. Longer hair will give the wax more grabbing power.

Pick up your wax pot, spatula and cotton strips

  • There are many hot and cold wax products to choose from. While cold wax is faster and more sanitary, hot wax is better at grabbing onto large amounts of leg hair and yanking it all out. Both give longer-lasting results compared with shaving: smooth legs for 3 – 6 weeks following the procedure.
  • There is no need to buy a wax pot, spatula or cotton strips if you choose cold waxing. Cold wax strips are ready to be squashed onto your legs from the moment you open the packet.
  • If you decide to use hot wax, heat it in the microwave or a wax warmer for as long as the instructions advise. Spread the wax delicately on your leg in the same direction that your hair grows in. Place cotton strips over the wax and rip it back fast the opposite way. There may be a need to repeat this in the same place a few times, until all hair has gone.

Whatever you do…

  • Read the instructions on your chosen wax product thoroughly before getting started.
  • Don’t have a bath before or after waxing- it makes way for a painful experience and the overall smoothness isn’t as good.
  • Keep your legs away from the sun, swimming pools, seawater and moisturisers for the 24 hours following waxing. They all sting like a swarm of bees!

Still ouch?

  • Don’t worry, any initial redness or sensitivity is your body’s normal response. The good news is waxing tends to become less painful if you do it regularly. Overtime, your legs tends grow finer hair and some hair doesn’t even grow back – ever.

Finishing touches for ultimate results

  • Incorporate leg exfoliation into your daily shower routine. It removes dead skin cells and leaves your legs silky, soft and polished.
  • Use leg make-up. It’s a Godsend. Spider vein treatment, as well as airbrushing and tanning products will dramatically improve your state of leg.
  • Sign up to a gym and workout often for some serious leg sculpturing. A personal trainer will design a program especially for you. Perhaps even visit a sun capsule or sun bed while you’re there.
  • Join a Pilate’s class. These stretching exercises help us stay in shape, toning our hips, buttocks, calves and thighs, and increasing our flexibility.
  • Skirts. Wear them and throw away the stockings, and show some leg!

To be waxed or not to be waxed…

To be waxed or not to be waxed is a decision that boils down to personal choice. For some women, simply a bottle of shaving cream and a razor on hand is more than satisfactory.

Regardless of how we achieve them, sexy smooth legs are part of what makes us feel beautiful, liberated, free, and ready to take on the world.

Go get ’em chick!

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