Eyebrow Waxing – Achieving A Sassy Shape

Well-groomed eyebrows are key to a pulled-together look. Flip through any magazine, and you will see that all models have perfect eyebrows. In fact, some beautiful people claim that all they need to do for a glamorous look is to define their eyebrows and slick on some lip color. Most make-up artists back them up by claiming that eyebrows are the simplest way to instantly make over a face.

What are the effects of eyebrow waxing?

A-mazing! Eyebrow waxing is a very ‘in vogue’ way to get beautified -even though (I do have to admit) I was a little sceptical about waxing at first. Waxing of any kind can hurt because hair is being ripped from the root. Sure, tweezing may hurt too, but it’s only one hair at a time instead of a whole row of hairs. I was unsure of how much control you have in eyebrow waxing, since many hairs are being ripped out at once. And because waxing requires stray hair in the first place, I was worried that between appointments my brows would become unruly all over again. Well, having seen some of the waxed brows of my friends, I have to admit: I was convinced. It seems that eyebrow waxing takes less time and gives a more even result than tweezing. There is not that much redness or puffiness, the pain is simply momentary.

Tell me how it works!

Skin is cleaned very well to get rid any skin oils or make-up. Either hot wax or cold wax is applied over the part of the eyebrow to be waxed; a strip of muslin or linen is applied over the wax and massaged into the wax. The skin around the brow is pulled taut, and the strip – with the hairs stuck to it – are ripped off quickly. Often, a thin dusting of powder is applied over the skin to get rid of stickiness. If any wax is left, the area is gone over with another strip to ensure that wax does not stay behind to plug pores.

Home or salon?

There are wax kits for home brow waxing and there is brow waxing available by a qualified aesthetician at a spa or salon. As you have less control over the hairs being removed in waxing than you do in tweezing, Hairchick recommends you attend the salon, unless there’s someone at home who knows what they’re doing and can help – especially if it’s your first time. The good thing is that an eyebrow wax is among the least expensive procedures at a salon. Hot wax treatment is probably best you can stand the heat, since hairs often stick better to hot wax than to cold wax.

Please tell me there’s a way to minimize the pain!

Yah – there is! Try keeping the brow completely taut by pulling it with your finger or having your aesthetician pull the skin around your brows tight. You should avoid make-up, sunscreen, and in fact any sort of product on your face for a few hours after an eyebrow wax. This is because during a wax, very thin skin around your eyebrows forms little tears, so that make-up and other products can irritate your already angry skin. Worse, applying your regular products to your face may cause clogged pores, causing ingrown hairs or painful little bumps. The best thing to do is to keep your skin scrupulously clean after a waxing. If you are going somewhere, you can go over the area with an ice cube if you need to reduce puffiness and redness.

Hairchick’s decree on eyebrow waxing?

If you’re willing to risk a tiny bit of discomfort, brow waxing is an easy way to get professional eyebrows without spending lots of money!


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  1. soniya says:

    i waxed my eyebrows & also my armpits , because there were a lot of hair like jungle.

  2. soniya says:

    i also shaved my head & the whole body at simanchalam because i took a vow.

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  4. Mrs Derp says:

    I’m getting mine done for the first time this week and I’m super scared! Would icing my eyebrows and then letting the stylist wax them help? Please respond! My appointment is in 2 days! If icing won’t work, what will?
    BTW my eyebrows look like caterpillars so please don’t say “If you’re scared, don’t do it!” This will just extremely tick me off. Thx and have a nice life

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