Body Waxing – Smoother Than Barry White

Shaving every day is a pain, and many women who are fed up turn to waxing to get rid of body hair. You can wax virtually every area of your body, and the process leaves you very smooth for weeks, not days. Since hair is ripped out at the root, there is no stubble. Body waxing is painful – although not nearly so painful as bikini waxing – and can be costly when done at a salon, since every body part is charged separately. There are two basic ways to get waxed and smooth: at home wax kits and salon waxing.

How do at home wax kits work?

These kits contain a wax substance in a little container, a wooden or plastic stick for smoothing the wax, and strips for tearing the wax off your skin. There is a nice selection of hot and cold waxing kits available, and they range from fancy professional-style kits to environmentally friendly kits sold at stores such as The Body Shop. Hot wax kits have wax that is heated either over a stove or in a microwave. Cold wax kits come with a waxy substance that can be applied to legs directly. Waxing kits are probably best for waxing veterans, since it is easy to burn yourself (by making the wax too hot, if you buy a hot wax kit) or to leave the wax on too long (and have trouble getting it off your legs). You need to be flexible to get hard to reach spots, too. A good bet if you want to take this less-expensive route is to visit a salon for a few waxes and get some tips about waxing. Then, you will at least have an idea of the best way to proceed. Get the waxing kits designed for the area of your body you want to wax. Be sure to have some baby powder or talc on hand (to dust over waxed skin) and invest in a large roll of waxing strips at a beauty supply store. The first few times you try this at home, you will find you go through a lot of fabric strips (far more strips than are provided in most kits). Some of the less expensive kits also have strips that aren’t of the greatest quality and actually rip during waxing.

What about salon waxing?

Some women prefer to have their skin waxed at a salon. Although for most waxing newbies it is a little strange to have someone waxing their body for them, women find that getting skin waxed at a salon is, if not relaxing, then at least a lot less stressful than trying to wax at home. Expert aestheticians can make waxing hurt less, since they don’t hesitate when yanking at the strips. Best of all, they can get at every awkward spot on your body and will even tweeze the tiny hairs that waxing can’t get at. It is important to go to a reputable salon or spa. Otherwise, you may find yourself paying plenty (yes, it is customary to tip the person waxing your skin, too) and with skin that a plucked chicken would be ashamed of.

Which technique produces the smoothest result?

Both! No matter what method you choose, the basic procedure is the same: apply wax to part of the skin to be waxed, press a cloth strip over the wax, wait a few seconds, pull the skin around the strip very taut, and rip the strip off. The hairs glued to the wax on the strip get ripped out as well.

And the ‘Ouch’ Factor is…

Body waxing causes some “ouch” but also leaves you with perfectly smooth oh-my-god-I’m-a-sex-goddess skin for weeks!

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