Bikini Waxing: The Low Down

You’re basking in the hot summer sun, sipping a pina colada, listening to the waves crashing in your little piece of tropical paradise whilst the bronzed god of your dreams rubs sun-block on your back. All of a sudden an urge to dip your toes in the water, lower your body into the sea and swim out past the high waves overtakes you. You roll over, peel back your towel, prepare to run to the shore and oh my gosh … what’s that creeping out of your swimsuit? A public display of pubic hair is as unsightly as the string of an untucked tampon hanging beyond the thong, and about as glamorous as swimming without a tampon when you’ve got your you know what.

So you forgot it was there – big deal, worse things happen. But on a similar note, honestly, how many times have you excused yourself from swimming – from putting on your own bathing costume, because you’re too embarrassed of what lies beneath?

Is ‘what lies beneath’ a fact of life?

Certainly not! If you’re tired of shaving prickly stubble on your panty line every second day, waxing is a viable option. While both methods of hair removal are relatively quick procedures that can be performed in the comfort of your own home, bikini waxing has cleaner, smoother and longer lasting effects.

How can it?

  • As waxing is very common, most beauty salons and spas offer it. Book in a bikini wax with your next lash tint and brow shape.
  • Find out if your local hairdressing salon offers waxing as a beauty therapy service. Some hairdressing salons have mobile or visiting beauticians.
  • Look in the yellow pages for health farms, shops and clubs. Beauty therapy is often a key service in this industry.
  • If you’d rather avoid exposing yourself to a complete stranger you could yank it out yourself. Try wax strips or a bikini wax microwave kit.

Is it the same as Brazilian Waxing?

Uh-uh. A bikini wax removes the pubic hair from your panty line, whereas a Brazilian removes the whole shebang (bar a tiny ‘landing strip’ on your vagina). It is not as painful as a Brazilian; both begin to grow back finer hair after 2-3 weeks.

Is it for everyone?

Unfortunately not. People who suffer epilepsy, skin disease, or diabetes should not get waxed. As people who get allergies easily may react negatively to this form of hair removal, a patch test is recommended to those contemplating bikini waxing.

How soon can I get my Bikini Waxed?

If your pubic hair is longer than 1/4 inch (6mm) … without delay! Either that or a couple of days before you go on vacation. Just make sure you don’t have your you know what. As your skin is super sensitive around the time of your period, you should wait until at least 7 days after your period stops before getting a bikini wax. A good option for those with sensitive skin is no bump treatment to help prevent bumps or ingrown hairs, which can occur after waxing and shaving.


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  1. Anto says:

    Ouch, I’ll rather shave for the rest of my life, at least I won’t suffer (it’s just around the panties, I leave the “surprise”).


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