Hair Removal Pain Relief – Taking The “Ouch!” Out Of Touchable Skin

And now for the bad news: every hair removal system hurts or at least has the potential to hurt. That means that every woman who regularly removes unwanted hair will feel pain at some point. (Of course, how much pain is felt depends on your tolerance threshold for pain).

How sore can it be?

On a pain scale, some techniques hurt more than others:

  • Hair removal systems that rip hair out by the root (using an epilator, waxing, tweezing, sugaring, threading): These systems can hurt quite a bit because they tear not only the hairs but bits of skin as well. These systems also sometimes cause ingrown hairs, irritation, or welts.
  • Permanent hair removal systems like laser and electrolysis kill hairs by using electricity or laser beams. Both methods can cause irritation. Electrolysis hurts when electric currents surge through hair follicles.
  • Some chemical and herbal approaches (depilatories or hair removal creams, hair growth inhibitors) can irritate the skin with powerful chemicals. Sometimes these result in inflammation or itchy rashes, so the correct choice of product is essential.
  • Abrasive methods like mitts and kits that remove hair through scrubbing or rubbing the hair cause a lot of pain because they are basically fine-grain sandpapers. They rub the hairs off, but also rub off part of your skin as well. Save your skin and use sandpaper only for re-finishing furniture.
  • Techniques that cut hair like shaving and trimming tend to be the least painful. When done properly, only the hair is cut and there is little if no irritation at all. Result: no pain. However, both methods may result in painful nicks and cuts. Shaving can cause razor burn, ingrown hairs, or irritation. Ouch.

How can I minimize the pain or gain some relief?

Before embracing the fuzzy look forever, there are a few things to do to give relief from pain during hair removal. Some women take Advil or Tylenol before painful sessions to give relief from pain. Drug stores carry creams that can give some pain relief (you can’t use them with depilatories, though). Numbing your skin with ice just before waxing or tweezing can bring some relief, too. Professional aestheticians have many ways of minimizing pain. If you find yourself very sore afterwards, you may like to try a different method. Perhaps not get a completely pain-free experience, but at least a bearable hair removal experience (as well as bare-able skin).

It is also possible to minimize pain by choosing hair removal methods (like shaving) that produce less pain. With waxing and sugaring, the pain is really not that bad! In fact it only tends to be momentarily painful as the hair rips from the root. The benefits of hair removal far outweigh any pain that may be felt – and generally the more you use a method of hair removal, the less pain you feel.

Last Thoughts?

My personal recommendation for pain free hair removal is using Revitol Hair Removal Cream. Read my review to find out why it was awarded ‘Editors Choice’ for best hair removal product.

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