Shaving Your Legs

Oh, sure – now this is the least high-tech option. No fancy machines or spa appointments. Before you dismiss shaving with a disposable razor as hopelessly boring, you should know that many exotic dancers swear by shaving as the best way to get rid of body hair. And who would know more about beautiful bodies?

So what makes shaving your legs so great?

Well, it’s inexpensive, fast, and painless. It’s simple to do, and no special appointments are needed. You do have to shave every day (or every other day, depending on how fast your hair grows), and you risk nicks and stubble. If you dislike shaving, it may be because you are not doing it properly.

How do I get the smoothest shave possible?

  • To get a really smooth shave, be sure to shave in the shower or bath, and make sure your skin has been soaking for at least three minutes, but not half an hour. As a general rule, don’t shave first thing in the morning (when skin is a bit puffy). Wait at least fifteen minutes after waking, after you have been moving around a bit.
  • Use a shaving cream, not plain soap or water. Shaving cream prevents your skin from being too dried out and leaves wide streaks, so you can tell where you have already shaved (you shouldn’t go over the same area over and over again – that leads to nicks). If you don’t like the smell of women’s shaving lotions, feel free to use men’s shaving creams for legs – they cost less than women’s shaving creams and work especially well on tough leg hairs. Just be sure to use a cream made for sensitive skin if you are going to be shaving up to your bikini line.
  • Shave legs with steady, light pressure using a new razor (one that has no rust and has not been used more than five times). To get tricky spots (like the backs of knees), stretch your leg out straight and rest it securely against some part of the shower or bath so that it does not slip. Then, slowly stretch your upper body and arm towards the leg. Shave these areas much more slowly and carefully. After shaving and showering, apply a light body lotion to shaved areas to prevent dryness. That’s it.

Agghh! Ingrown Hairs – How do I tackle ’em?

If your legs get ingrown hairs by shaving, you may find that using a loofah (a natural sea sponge) in the shower helps. The loofah gets rid of the dead skin that can clog pores and cause ingrown hairs. If you always get bumps on your thighs after shaving, try shaving only the lower half of your legs (the tougher part) and use an alternative hair removal method on your thighs.


5 Responses
  1. Chelsey Granger says:

    why shouldnt you shave your thighs what will happen if you do? will the hair there grow back thicker or quicker? My mom always says you shouldnt shave your thighs only your lower leg!!
    I was wondering why!! Any Answers or Suggestions why you shouldnt shave your thighs? From Chelsey Granger

    • Siobhan says:

      People say you shouldn’t shave your thighs because the hair is usually a lot thinner than your lower leg hair. Of course we all know that shaving makes the hair grow back quicker, but i do not believe that it grows back thicker. I’ve always shaved my thighs, and have never seen thicker hair. So if you truly want to, and your mum gives the okay, shave away :3

      ~ the hair on the back of your thighs can tend to grow in funny directions, so before shaving, grab a mirror and get to know the direction in which you shave certain parts.

      ~try shaving downwards in stead of up on your thighs to try and prevent ingrown hairs and shaving lumps in later life. But if you don’t get the smooth feeling you want, just shave upwards, as these are easy things to fix.

      ~Shaving in the bath or in the shower to avoid cuts, and use shaving foam, or shampoo.

      Hope this helps

      • Anto says:

        ” Of course we all know that shaving makes the hair grow back quicker, but i do not believe that it grows back thicker”. This is a myth even the redactor will confirm this.
        You can shave your thighs if you want, it might become indispensabe in two cases, such as dark fuzz on the thigh or simply a visible “tanline” betwenn the shaved lower leg and fuzzy upper, even if the fuzzy is not dark or visible.

  2. Krisalyn says:

    I might be beating a dead horse, but thank you for poitsng this!

  3. capria says:

    i have shaved my thighs for as long as i have shaved my legs and now after about 15yrs hair no longer grows on thighs only on lower legs.

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