How to Shave.

Shaving may be one of the most widely used ways to get rid of body hair, but plenty of women go about it wrong, leaving them nicked and annoyed with the whole process. Since most women will shave at some point, it makes sense to learn to shave properly. To get a perfect shave, be sure to prepare yourself. Make sure you have a sharp razor and plenty of shaving cream or foam on hand. Time your shaving well. Avoid shaving first thing in the morning (when skin is puffy and you won’t get a close shave) or when you are rushed. Avoid shaving just before heading to the beach or pool (the chemicals and salt in water can irritate newly shaved skin).

Once you have chosen a good time, follow the basic shaving process:

  • Soak skin for about 3 minutes in warm water to soften the hairs and reduce possible razor burn. Rub your skin with a loofah or coarse sponge in order to get rid of scaly skin (which clogs your razor and keeps your razor from cutting hair). Scrubbing with a sponge or loofah also makes the hairs on your skin stand up, making them easier to shave.
  • Next, lather shaving foam or cream over your skin. This is a really necessary step, since it lubricates skin well and prevents irritation. Plain soap can dry you skin and clog your razor, making a good shave impossible. Shaving creams are not very expensive, and you don’t need to buy the women’s-only foams. If you find they smell too saccharine, you could always try a no-name men’s brand designed for sensitive skin.
  • Gently run the razor over your skin, using smooth and firm strokes. Go slowly, and slow down even more around knees, on the backs of legs, and under arms. To shave under your arms, lift one arm high, creating as smooth a surface as you can under your arm and shave with your other hand. If you are shaving your bikini line, hold the skin taut with your hands as you shave to prevent nicks. As you shave, shaving foam will be stripped away, leaving clean patches of skin. Avoid going over this already-shaved skin again. If you notice that there are still hairs in already-shaved areas, you likely need a sharper razor.
  • Once you have finished shaving, rinse off the remains of the shaving foam and pat your skin dry. Apply a soothing lotion (unscented is best) to your skin. If you have shaved under your arms, avoid putting antiperspirant or deodorant on right away.

If you follow Hairchick’s advice on how to shave, you will have perfectly smooth shaved skin – every time!

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