First Shave

Shaving makes an ideal first way to get rid of hair: it doesn’t cost much, it’s easy-as-pie, and hair grows back in week or so – meaning that you can still notice the changes that are happening to your hair. Many women start shaving in their pre-teens or early teens, when changes in the body causes hair to sprout up on legs, underarm and pubic areas. To get an ideal shave, even if you have never shaved before, be sure to buy the right things.

What products do I need to get started?

  • A good razor. Try to buy disposable razors first, since they are inexpensive and you can try lots of different types. You also don’t have to learn to snap in blades or use an electric shaver. Don’t just buy a razor because you like the handle or because you liked the ad. Go for a razor that has a lubricating strip and is designed for women. Beyond that, it is essential that it is sharp. Just make sure you don’t borrow someone else’s razor or lend yours. This is because razors harbor all sorts of bacteria, and often keep bits of blood and skin after a shave. That’s just another good reason to use a disposable razor and to replace it often.
  • Some small bandages, just in case you nick yourself. You may find some thin white sticks in the drug store which promise to stop nicks. They work by basically stopping up the cut. You may want to try one of these, since they only cost a dollar or two.
  • A good shaving cream or foam. There are many on the market, but try to look for one that comes in a can (so it’s easy to use) and has a scent you can live with. Many are made for sensitive skin or contain extra moisturizing products.
  • A body lotion to soothe your skin after shaving. Try to find one that is unscented, light, and soothing, since your skin may be irritated at first.
  • A washcloth, loofah, or body sponge. This will soften your hairs and create a smoother shave.

How much will this cost?

You may have some of these things at home already. In any case your shopping trip will cost no more than $20 in all.

Shall I ask my friend, sister or mom for help?

Yes it’s a good idea to get a friend, older sister or mother to help you at first. Who knows, they may have some useful tips. If you want to go it on your own though, be sure to go slowly, and start with the easiest-to-get-at parts of your body, like your shins. Move on to more difficult parts once you see how shaving works. If you’re really nervous, you could do what one of my friends did: shave an orange or a lemon! It lets you see how it’s done, and you can get a sense of how lightly you press by using this (admittedly weird) method.

What is the proper shaving technique?

  • Soak hairs to be shaved for at a few minutes with very warm water (you may find that doing this in the bath is easiest).
  • Scrub your skin lightly with the loofah, sponge, or washcloth.
  • Apply the shaving cream to the body part you are going to shave. Then, make sure the area is as flat as possible (if you are shaving the backs of your knees, keep your leg stretched out; if you are shaving under your arms, lift one hand high).
  • Slowly shave, using light strokes of the razor over your skin. Run over your skin just once with the razor (your skin will easily become irritated if you go over the same area again and again).
  • Once you are done, rinse off your skin and pat yourself dry.
  • If you notice any stinging or cuts, you have likely cut yourself. If you notice bits of blood, blot them with a tissue and apply a bandage over the cut.
  • Finish off by applying a lotion to your skin to prevent your skin from becoming dry and scaly.

That’s it! If you followed HairChick’s Must-Read, you are now officially experienced in the most popular method of hair removal and you have perfectly smooth legs.

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