How To Get A Close Shave

Here is your ultimate guide to achieving that simply gorgeous close shave!

Smooth skin that shows no obvious stubble or bits of hair is what anyone who has ever wielded a razor really wants from their shave. Uneven shaves happen, and they seem to be caused by anything from a blunt razor to poor technique. Sometimes you get a close shave one day only to give yourself a jagged and bumpy shave two days later.

Six easy tips for a close shave:

  1. Create a perfectly smooth surface. Yes, this means doing away with dead skin. You will need to scrub gently with a loofah or body sponge, but if you find it too abrasive, try a liquid body scrub. The best liquid body scrubs contain tiny beads that gently rub and then dissolve. If you have very long hairs on any area of your body that you are about to shave, trim them.
  2. Shave at the right time. Avoid just after you have woken up, since your skin will be puffy then. To get rid of puffiness no matter what time you shave, take a cool shower or run ice over your body just before starting your shave.
  3. Use the right tool and technique. To get a close shave you need to move slowly and carefully, using plenty of hot water and a good cream or foam that offers plenty of lubrication (quit snickering) to provide a buffer between your skin and the razor. If you aren’t already using a razor with two blades, make the switch. Avoid going over the same area twice with a razor – this will make the result more bumpy and far less smooth. To be as close as possible, shave against the direction of hair growth and use the lightest touch you can.
  4. Give yourself some post-shave TLC… What you do afterwards can help ensure a smooth result. After shaving, splash skin with cool water, rinse off any shaving foam, and pat your skin dry. Apply a light lotion to your skin. If you still find you did not get as close a shave as you would have liked, wait at least a day before shaving again. This will give your skin a chance to rest and will help prevent nicks.
  5. Be prepared for minor catastrophes! If you do get any nicks or scrapes, throw out your razor (you likely need a sharper blade) and spot-treat the problem by blotting with a tissue or going over the area with damp styptic pencil or stick (available at any drug store). For larger cuts, apply a bandaids or bandages.
  6. Keep up the good work! Depending on how much stubble you can accept, to keep a close shave you may have to shave every other day, or even every day. If you find that your hair grows fast and you need to shave often, be sure to keep your skin well protected and supple by applying a apply a rich body lotion at bed time.

Even if you shave regularly, you won’t always get a completely perfect close shave, since skin changes from day to day and even a bit of inattention while shaving can cause scraggly missed patches or a nick. Still, if you follow the proper technique and apply these tips, your skin will be extremely silky almost all the time – and smoother than a gravy sandwich!

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