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revitol photoFor years, I had suffered from embarrassing hair growth on my upper lip and very hairy arms. I had tried everything from waxing to plucking and shaving, but found that every method of hair removal left me wanting more. Shaving always left my upper lip feeling very rough and stubbly, and waxing and plucking did nothing to slow down the growth. What’s more is that every time I used one of these methods, my face was terribly irritated and red for so long that I would have to hide out in my house until it subsided. Because of this I have always taken a strong interest in hair removal techniques and products, and have tried more different ways of ridding myself of unwanted hair than anyone I know. So suffice to say, as a result of my human guinea-pig experimentation, I am somewhat of an expert on hair removal. When I decided to review Revitol hair removal cream, I was expecting the ordinary, run-of-the-mill depilatory cream that very well could affect the health and condition of my skin in a negative way. In the past I have used well known products such as Nair and Veet, and whilst they worked, I couldn’t get past several of the drawbacks. Firstly, both of these products had a very strong smell which I found repulsive. Secondly, I found that the chemicals were so strong that I had to restrict the usage to my legs, because otherwise serious irritation could result. And lastly, I often experienced ingrown hairs which would be extremely painful and last for weeks. As a result of my not so pleasant experiences with hair removal creams in the past, I didn’t exactly have the highest of hopes for Revitol. I was in fact expecting this to be another over-priced beauty product that would fall well short of expectations. Any woman who wants to maintain a decent beauty regime has definitely been there. However, I was in fact pleasantly surprised with the results. In fact for the first time ever I can recommend a hair removal cream as a more convenient and effective option to traditional methods such as shaving and waxing. Read on to find out why. I ordered the product from the online store at The product took three days to arrive, less than their promised 7 day shipping, and came in a plain and unassuming package. I opened the package and removed the bottle. The first thing I noticed on opening the bottle is that the product had a much more pleasant smell than the other hair removal creams I had used in the past. It was quite faint and not at all overpowering. A good start. I started by applying the cream to my arms, in a small test patch area, and waited 12 minutes as per the directions on the bottle. After the time was up I wiped the cream away and rinsed the area with water. Not only was the unwanted hair gone, but my skin felt moisturized. I believe this is due to the Aloe extract the product contains. This was very pleasing indeed because some hair removal creams can be quite irritating to the skin, and I have fairly sensitive skin myself. Having some reassurance from the test patch, I proceeded to eliminate the hair on my arms and legs. This time I noticed the smell a little more, as I used much more product to cover the greater area, but it was fairly neutral overall. Once again the results worked well, with no irritation afterwards and a cool, moisturized feeling from the Aloe. I decided at this point it would be wise to wait a couple of days before testing the more sensitive areas, in order to see if any irritation or ingrown hair bumps formed. No adverse reactions occurred over this time, so I plucked up the courage to try two of the most sensitive areas on my body – my upper lip, and bikini line. I was a little more apprehensive as I mentioned earlier, I have quite sensitive skin and didn’t want to develop a painful rash. Fortunately everything went smoothly on both counts, and no irritation developed whatsoever. Revitol claim that their product contains substances that slow and thin regrowth. I noticed that my hair did not grow back as fast as with shaving, and when it did it was much finer and softer. What this means is that I personally only need to use it once a week.ConclusionI would definitely suggest Revitol hair removal cream to anyone who ever shaves, waxes or plucks hair from anywhere on their body. There’s no reason to suffer with unwanted hair growth, and for the first time there’s a true alternative to do it on a budget and without the pain associated with other methods. I’m so impressed that a natural, plant-based product is able to rid me of my embarrassment and actually improve the condition of my skin.Positives
  • Low irritation formula, can be used on bikini area
  • Natural plant extracts and moisturizers
  • Hair inhibitors slow regrowth
  • No ingrown hairs experienced
  • Neutral smell
  • Advanced modern formulation that is the best that I have tried (and I have used a LOT of different hair removal products)
  • There are cheaper products on the market, such as Nair and Veet.
  • Buy 4, get 2 free (This is the best value for money option, so I recommend it.)
  • 90 day return policy
  • Not available in retail stores, must be purchased online
  • Not permanent
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