Trimming Pubic Hair

Whether planning to sugar or wax your bikini line, trimming hair slightly may make for a less painful experience (just make sure your hairs remain longer than 1/4 inch so that they can still be effectively removed). If you are going to be using depilatory cream, a razor, or are heading to a salon for electrolysis or laser treatment, trimming ahead of time can make the job easier by allowing an easier view. If nothing else, it can keep the whole area neat and tidy.

How to trim your pubic hair:

  • Step One: Begin by gathering a large mirror, a paper towel, and a sharp pair of scissors or an electric trimmer. You can either use regular scissors (in the smallest size possible) which can be re-sharpened or the tiny manicure kit scissors you can get at drug stores. The cheap drug store scissors are great since they are inexpensive enough to throw away. Pubic hair will likely clog and dull your scissors so having disposable cheap scissors can be a big plus.
  • Step Two: Position the paper towel under yourself if you want to catch the trimmed hairs and make clean up easier. Position the mirror so that you can see what you are doing. Then slowly start trimming your pubic hair a little bit at a time. This is deceptively hard, since your mirror reflection reverses your movements. The first few cuts will be awkward. One way to make the process easier is to trim your pubic hair in sections. Take a small section of hair and twirl it in your fingers to create a coil. Then trim the top, a little at first and then a bit more if you a want a closer trim. Be careful not to cut yourself. Repeat the coiling and trimming process wherever you hair needs to be trimmed. That’s the basic overview of how to trim pubic hair.

Electric trimming or scissors?

Take your pick ‘cos it doesn’t really make much difference! Just remember though – whether you are using a pair of scissors or with an electric trimmer, do not over do it or you will create a stubble-like effect that will be itchy and painful. This is especially important if you are just trimming your hair and not having any other procedure done. If in doubt, trim a little less and repeat in a day or two if you find you want more of a trim. If you are using an electric trimmer to trim you will need to be careful when looking in the mirror. Try trimming just a few millimeters until you get used to the process.

Once you are satisfied with your results, hop into a hot shower or bath. This will soften your hairs and prevent itchiness. It will also wash away any bits of cut hair that can irritate your skin. Before you leave the bathroom, clean up your trimmed hair with the paper towel!

Last Thoughts?

My personal recommendation for pubic hair is using Revitol Hair Removal Cream. Read my review to find out why it was awarded ‘Editors Choice’ for best product.


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  1. Bravo to you for actually trying to tackle a problem that many won’t even mention. A lot of prudes out there, but many people wear bikinis and it is very unsightly to have protruding hair or a horrible razor rash.
    My blog deals with a lot of these issues too, come visit and find additional info.



  2. Jeanne Mulvaney says:

    Still need say “position mirror”, where, on the floor, sitting on toilet, laying down, standing up..???? Holding the mirror with one hand and cut?

    This is all new to me pls advise

  3. Tatyana says:

    Both me & my hubby get a Brazilian wax (Hollywood Style / Bald) together on a reg. basis. We both really enjoy the silky smoothness of each other, besides who enjoys hair, it just get’s in the way! No hair don’t care. 🙂

  4. Joe Mason says:

    Were in Southern California ?


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