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If you tend to worry about what is known as the ‘bikini line’, or hair that peeks out of underwear and bikini bottoms, then at some point you will probably want to remove some pubic hair.

Hair on the bikini line is not exactly leg hair. It is a continuation of hair from the pubic region and it is curlier and coarser than hair anywhere else on the body. As you likely already know, it can be a pain (literally!) to get rid of. Since the bikini zone has delicate skin, some methods temporarily irritate skin. The good news is that there are a number of effective techniques:

Wishing To Wax?

Once it is at least 1/4″ long, you can remove your pubic hair with wax. Even though waxing may be a little painful and it will likely leave your skin red and puffy for a couple of hours, it’s certainly worth it! Waxing is one of the best methods – since it’s inexpensive, results last a few weeks and hair grows back softer and sparser. You can go for a Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood Wax … or try all three!

Seeking A Shave?

Shaving is a popular way to remove hair from your bikini area because it is quick, pain-free, and inexpensive. You never have to wait for hair to reach a certain length, so you can always be “clean shaven.” Shaving can create painful bumps however, and the stubble that grows back may become itchy if the skin rubs against underwear. You also run the risk of little cuts and nicks, which generally fester for longer in the pubic area, thanks to the warm, dampish conditions. Shaving has to be done quite often (every day or every few days) which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


If you are going to use hair removal creams or depilatories, make sure you use ones especially designed for pubic hair removal and follow directions precisely. Because the chemicals in these creams are fairly harsh, in most cases you cannot use them to give yourself a Brazilian – you have to be content with your bikini line. Nevertheless, the results last longer than shaving and skin is generally smoother. Hair removal creams are almost as cheap as shaving, and do not take much time to use. Hair grows back soft, so you won’t be driven crazy by stubble. On the other hand, you will need to do a patch test. Unfortunately, some people find that the chemicals in these products leave their skin very irritated.

The best pubic hair removal cream on the market has got to be ‘Revitol’. Unlike other hair removal creams it has a built in hair inhibitor to slow regrowth. I really like this product and have found it very effective and didn’t cause any irritation.

Elite Electrolysis Experimenter?

Electrolysis is the way to go if you want to remove unwanted hair permanently. It is relatively expensive, and can be time consuming and painful. But who can argue with permanent? You can either go to a salon or spa to get this done, but some home electrolysis kits may offer similar results too.

Permanent Laser Treatment

Like with electrolysis, laser hair removal treatments are best performed by a professional. It is also somewhat expensive, time-consuming – but possibly permanent. Many salons will not allow extensive removal using a laser, so you may be only able to tidy your bikini line using this method.

Selecting Sugaring?

Sugaring works much like waxing, since hair is pulled out at the root. It’s a little easier to clean up than waxing though, and it’s inexpensive too. Results last a few weeks and although your skin may become temporarily irritated, don’t worry: there are ways to deal with this!


If you are comfortable with a partial removal, and just want it a bit neater, trimming pubic hair is an option. You can use either small scissors or an electric hair trimmer. In many cases, it is helpful to trim before attempting any of the above hair removal treatments. Results of a trim last anywhere from a week to a few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Last Thoughts?

My personal recommendation is using Revitol Hair Removal Cream. Read my review to find out why it was awarded ‘Editors Choice’ for best hair removal product.


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  1. veronika says:

    i want to remove my pubic hair at home… i cut thm with scissors but hairs getting small not clean and smell like hell… how can i clean it…
    plzzzzz help me 🙁

    • Hair Free says:

      Try using hair removal cream or lotion from Walgreens. Nair & Veet are good. That should take care of all the hairs and I do mean ALL the hairs!

  2. mareena says:

    how can i use creams?? tell me some products name??

  3. Jo says:

    Can I use the recommended hair removal for a Brazilian wax? I’m very new to this . And I hate shaving .

  4. Hair Free says:

    Like I said, Veet & Nair are good brands. The removal creams & lotions can be used in combo with other forms of removal except for waxing since that leaves no hair to apply lotion/cream to. Remove lotion/cream as soon as hair becomes squiggly or else you can be burned chemically. Other than that, don’t get any on your clit or inside your vagina. The more often you use any of these, the less hair will grow back over time!

  5. Hi says:

    My pubic hair grow fast and strong every time after using veet. Does all hair removal cream do this?

  6. shruti sethia says:

    Veet nd shave both used doseng works..what 2 do nd how 2 do it alone

    • Abhishek Mootha says:

      Ask me honey

    • Abhishek Mootha says:

      Don’t do it alone. Ask me. I’ve got all the free time since I got fired from my job in Melbourne for beating up my pregnant girlfriend who I refuse to marry. Now I’m on the run from the Australian police to avoid going to jail for criminal activities. So I’m a bad ass lover boy who would love to help you get rid of your pubic hair coz I can’t be bothered doing what a decent man does.

  7. jo says:

    I need to contact Hairchick team. Please tell me how? Your link doesnt work.

  8. meena says:

    Veet are burned if any othor creem for vigena hair remove

  9. Saànah says:

    So i stared shaving with razors and i had realize that they leave little dark spots so i want to get rip of them . Are these creams the veet and nair good for that? I mean will they leave dark spots on my vagina? I want to get rid of all the hair, including my anal hair is annoying.

  10. Shruti Sethia says:

    Law 19

  11. Shruti Sethia says:

    I was born in London with thick pubic hair. Now I stole someone else’s man and need a clean pussy. Please help me.

  12. Abi Mootha says:

    Call me Abi Mootha, Abhi Mootha, Abhishek Mootha. I’m still the same guy. I’m an expert at solving all pubic hair questions.

  13. Shruti Sethia says:

    Can anyone come to my house in London and help me remove my pubic hair please? My address is
    39 Hodford Road, Golders Green, London, NW11 8NL

  14. Anon says:

    Please delete the defamatory comments made under the name Abhishek Mootha.

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