How To Remove Pubic Hair | Best Bikini Hair Removal Cream

If you tend to worry about what is known as the ‘bikini line’, or hair that peeks out of underwear and bikini bottoms, then at some point you will probably want to remove some pubic hair.

Hair on the bikini line is not exactly leg hair. It is a continuation of hair from the pubic region and it is curlier and coarser than hair anywhere else on the body. As you likely already know, it can be a pain (literally!) to get rid of. Since the bikini zone has delicate skin, some methods temporarily irritate skin. The good news is that there are a number of effective techniques:

Wishing To Wax?

Once it is at least 1/4″ long, you can remove your pubic hair with wax. Even though waxing may be a little painful and it will likely leave your skin red and puffy for a couple of hours, it’s certainly worth it! Waxing is one of the best methods – since it’s inexpensive, results last a few weeks and hair grows back softer and sparser. You can go for a Bikini, Brazilian or Hollywood Wax … or try all three!

Seeking A Shave?

Shaving is a popular way to remove hair from your bikini area because it is quick, pain-free, and inexpensive. You never have to wait for hair to reach a certain length, so you can always be “clean shaven.” Shaving can create painful bumps however, and the stubble that grows back may become itchy if the skin rubs against underwear. You also run the risk of little cuts and nicks, which generally fester for longer in the pubic area, thanks to the warm, dampish conditions. Shaving has to be done quite often (every day or every few days) which isn’t everyone’s cup of tea.


If you are going to use hair removal creams or depilatories, make sure you use ones especially designed for pubic hair removal and follow directions precisely. Because the chemicals in these creams are fairly harsh, in most cases you cannot use them to give yourself a Brazilian – you have to be content with your bikini line. Nevertheless, the results last longer than shaving and skin is generally smoother. Hair removal creams are almost as cheap as shaving, and do not take much time to use. Hair grows back soft, so you won’t be driven crazy by stubble. On the other hand, you will need to do a patch test. Unfortunately, some people find that the chemicals in these products leave their skin very irritated.

The best pubic hair removal cream on the market has got to be ‘Revitol’. Unlike other hair removal creams it has a built in hair inhibitor to slow regrowth. I really like this product and have found it very effective and didn’t cause any irritation.

Elite Electrolysis Experimenter?

Electrolysis is the way to go if you want to remove unwanted hair permanently. It is relatively expensive, and can be time consuming and painful. But who can argue with permanent? You can either go to a salon or spa to get this done, but some home electrolysis kits may offer similar results too.

Permanent Laser Treatment

Like with electrolysis, laser hair removal treatments are best performed by a professional. It is also somewhat expensive, time-consuming – but possibly permanent. Many salons will not allow extensive removal using a laser, so you may be only able to tidy your bikini line using this method.

Selecting Sugaring?

Sugaring works much like waxing, since hair is pulled out at the root. It’s a little easier to clean up than waxing though, and it’s inexpensive too. Results last a few weeks and although your skin may become temporarily irritated, don’t worry: there are ways to deal with this!


If you are comfortable with a partial removal, and just want it a bit neater, trimming pubic hair is an option. You can use either small scissors or an electric hair trimmer. In many cases, it is helpful to trim before attempting any of the above hair removal treatments. Results of a trim last anywhere from a week to a few weeks, depending on how fast your hair grows.

Last Thoughts?

My personal recommendation is using Revitol Hair Removal Cream. Read my review to find out why it was awarded ‘Editors Choice’ for best hair removal product.


50 Responses
  1. Cristina says:

    Laser hair removal would be the best among the other hair removal treatments that would give a long lasting results for removing unwanted hairs in the body.

    • teenage girl 2 says:

      Hello! I am 14, and I have tried shaving. It is rather annoying though, because I have TONS of nicks everywhere. It is embarrassing when I wear a bathing suit, because You can see the nicks on the sides of my bathing suit, and when I am dancing with my leotard on, same thing happens. How do I get rid of these nicks! Please HELP!

      P.S. Since I am only 14, my mom won’t let me do waxing or anything other than shaving.

      HELP PLEASE!! -Teen

  2. barry says:

    well i would say that waxing is the best…. i mean its a 2 second pain for each part, so waxing leaves it smooth and after a while it doesnt hurt that much πŸ™‚

  3. lahwees says:

    i had a brazilian first time was ok, second time i got HEAPS of ingrown hairs and one really big ingrown hair that almost got infected…im a really clean person and i still have ingron hairs since, i thought theyd go away but no. just be careful where u get a wax!!

  4. April J. says:

    i hate shaving so many bumps and tug and pulls waxing is the way to go……i think i just dont want ingrown hairs :/ well thanx

  5. Katina says:

    Electrolysis is the best way to go for permenant. Even though it hurts like a bitch you’ll love the end results.

  6. I agree with Cristina, I more prefer laser method. Well, this is the most easy method, but you need to do treatment for a period of time. But the result is permenant remove your unwant bikini line hair!

    For instant, of course prefer epilators. But you have to very careful to choose quality epilator. Good quality epilator should let you feel like massage.

    Georginia Lee

  7. Kelsey says:

    Waxing sounds likethe way to go, but im worried about it hurting. Does it hurt?

  8. Lee says:

    i think you should go see a dermatologist about this… if the area you waxed gets infected and a boil grows… that’s more painful…

  9. Cgirl says:

    I’m looking for an easy and fairly painless solution for removing my vaginal hair. I’ve tried shaving twice before and all I got was stubble, and razor rash that hurt like hell.
    I haven’t tried shaving since but I’d still like to remove my hair another way.
    Any suggestions that are safe, have pretty immediate results, is fairly painless, and won’t irritate me for a long time afterwards?

    • marc says:

      hi there i always shave with care and time it leaves me very smooth for few days feels good looks good and sensation is second to none have you tried getting someone to help you shave?

  10. Renee says:

    I’m looking for a replacement to shaving, it only lasts for a day or so aand I don’t like that even then if the blade isn’t sharp enough you still have that annoying shubble and bumps. I’m getting married in July and would like to be able to feel comfortable, instead of on the wedding night be, “WASN’T THAT A GREAT PARTY! -reaches for light- WELL GOODNIGHT!” lol, I want something that lasts a decent amount of time and isn’t /terribly/ painful. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  11. teen girl says:

    Hi I am a teenaged girl and I have very sensitive skin down there its unbearable pain full feeling when I shave I tried plunking them but its a terrible feeling once I get in my inner vagina I have to find a way for they will stop growing because I am in a swim meet and it sucks when you have to take a shower with all the girls because I am the only one who has pubic hairs down there and I can’t get waxing because it will rip off my entire pussy lips PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME

    • KayKay says:

      I have found, that if you use a really good shaving cream, tht helps with sensitive skin, and use a top noch razor, if you take your time shaving and dont go over the same areas numerous times that it leaves better results. you can however use a hair removal cream, just be careful where you put it… but i have just go a ‘no no’ theyre new, its amazing you should check it out.

  12. Cutee says:

    I use hair remval cream bt facd mny prblems wth ths,here i cnt find revitol nywhre…

  13. Sky girl says:

    I have tried them all and I have to say epilady is by far the best for me. Ipl and lazer cn discolor you down there and it’s almost 100% that hair will grow back in the outer and inner labia area. It is just too hormonal a place to expect permanent hair removal. A lot of clinics don’t offer treatment on the lips anymore because of it. . If you get a few brazillians 2-3 you can start to Train yourself to do epilady. I stay hair free for 5 weeks and then when little fine hairs start to grow I epilady again. I have no nerve endings attached to my follicles anymore so there is no pain.
    Put on a tight pair of thongs. Sit on the floor on top of a clean towl. Bend your knees and speed your legs apart. With one had hold the epilady. With the other hand protect the labia and clotoris by moving and stretching it to the other side. Epilady one side at a time and move the epilady in a circular motion. Continue to clean pulled hairs off the the machine when it starts to build up

  14. kiru says:

    wat is epilady. .it sounds good but wat is it exactly

  15. Shorne says:

    Hair growth, like the fury of a woman – knows no bounds.

    Many and various methods for hair removal and trimming have been developed for both men and women and rightly so. However some methods despite the dulcet tones of their marketing gurus are less than effective or downright injurious to the skin that the hair that inhabits the skin. So commonsense is vital to be able to achieve well groomed hair lines and smooth skin without hideous injuries or having suffered an equally injurious and painful cashectomy of the wallet.

    The FDA says no method of hair removal is permanent with the possible exception of some electrolysis. This is despite the many claims and cleverly crafted web sites that claim otherwise. So why would any man or woman, choose a non permanent hair removal methods and risk scarring, burns and skin damage in return for signing over a huge chunk of cash. The answer is simply that people do not know enough about hair growth and how the hair relates to the skin and believe wholeheartedly in the “quick but expensive promise of a fix” and age old influence of rumor.

    NEVER use any hair removal cremes or gels (especially on your most sensitive skin especially face or bikini line) as burns, and skin dryness will result. All hair removal cremes have harsh caustic chemicals in them like calcium hydroxide or thioglycolates which attack and dissolve hair proteins. The problem is that they attack and burn skin too. If you do not get immediate symptoms you will get others later, like sun sensitivity, dryness and skin can lose elasticity causing premature wrinkles.

    These are some other hair removal options – none of which are permanent.

    Waxing, epilating, threading or sugaring at home or in the salon are very bad for the skin though many people do it. As well as being painful & expensive, these leave a hole in the skin where the hair once grew and this can fill up with bacteria like staphylococcus aureus to cause painful infections & permanent skin damage or discoloration. Waxing the skin can be bruised, torn or lose elasticity causing premature wrinkles later on.

    There is also massive hype and hoopla about laser hair removal but the fact is that it is NOT permanent and the FDA prohibits anyone from saying that it is. There are tons of advertising and cleverly crafted web sites that persuade you that the procedure is safe and harmless. But the success of this procedure depends, on the manufacturer of the laser equipment, which is often cheaply made in China, and also on the capability of the laser operator, who is rarely if ever a dermatologist and being doctor supervised may only mean a Dentist supervises. If laser were safe and harmless there would not be an ever increasing of personal injury attorneys seeking to recover damages for burn victims, some of whom are scarred for life.

    Laser hair removal is NOT the way to go as it does not always work, is very expensive, can seriously burn your skin causing scarring for life. Do you really want to gamble on harming your face???

    The IPL hair removal systems springing up like wildfire, are mostly made so weak so that you do not burn yourself. A few people find they work for their hair growth but many do not. Many hate the smell of singeing hair in the house as well. It depends on whether you have $300-500 to waste.

    Many decry the use of a razor blade to shave and rightly so. It is an irrefutable fact that any razor blade or safety razor scrapes away not only the unwanted hair but also the top layer of your skin, the epidermis, from which the hair grows. This wet shaving damages the skin and causes the familiar shaver rash, red bumps and shaver burn from which millions suffer. The skin gets cut, nicked, scraped and stripped of it’s natural oils & becomes injured and old before it’s time. Wet safety blade shaving is the primary cause of painful ingrown hairs as it cuts the hair shaft below the surface of the skin. Additionally a razor used “with the grain” trains the hair to bend & lie down against the skin. The razor blade then slices the end of the hair shaft diagonally and not straight across at the base. The sliced end can bend inwards & downwards, growing into and under the skin where it becomes red and infected. STOP WET SHAVING – AS IT CAN NEVER GIVE A LONG LASTING SMOOTH SHAVE.

    The erroneous myth that many, particularly ladies, believe :-
    “shaving & other hair removal methods cause the hair to grow back thicker” – started out because of shaving with a wet razor blade or so called safety razor. The water used during razor blade shaving, is absorbed by the skin cells though the process called osmosis and the cells swell up. You will have seen this effect if you stay in the water too long and your skin gets the wrinkled “prune” look which makes it impossible for a blade to cut the hair close to the skin. This water absorption causes the skin surface to puff up and the swollen skin cells ride up the hair shaft, concealing the base of the hair so that the blade cannot reach far enough down to cut it. Once you finish shaving, the skin dries out & then skin cells deflate as the water evaporates. This causes the thicker uncut portion of the hair to reappear making you think it has regrown thicker or faster which is just not true. Any doctor will tell you such increased hair growth is biologically impossible.

    Whether male or female the safe, inexpensive answer to any body hair removal, is to DRY shave with an inexpensive electric sensitive skin body shaver – NOT A FACE SHAVER – such as the Bare It All personal shaver & trimmer. It is a purpose built body shaver designed with a special foil to let the hair be cut without the blades touching or injuring the skin. You can Google personal shavers / pubic trimmers. THESE ARE NOT THE SAME AS WET SHAVING WITH ANY SAFETY RAZOR OR BLADE OR A FACE SHAVER. It is a purpose built body shaver designed with a special foil to let the hair be cut without the blades touching or injuring the skin.

    These personal shavers are far cheaper & much more convenient & SAFER than other hair removal methods and give long lasting smooth skin.

    Did I say cheaper too – by a huge margin? $47.00.

  16. Sandhya M Y says:

    Hey dear,

    Please suggest me the correct treatment… I dont think so that I would afford laser treatment… Do you think that waxing would be best option…??????

  17. Christina says:

    i hav shaved, but its a huge problem for me.. hair still remains n waxing n hair removal cream r not for me (meansndey caused problems) HELP!!!! lazer n all r too expensive

  18. Gareth Vaughan says:


    If you are sick and tired or the soreness and cuts from shaving and the risk of ingrown hairs from waxing………………. I have literally NO solution for you πŸ˜€ I’m a guy and all I have to do is trim occasionally with scissors or not at all

    Yours sincerely,

    Pain-free Gareth xx

    p.s. MEN 1-0 WOMEN

  19. Uncomfortable says:

    I’m 14 and I don’t like my hair down there I want it gone but if I spend to much money it will be a Problem but I would prefer something that won’t hurt to much is there anything that won’t get me sick or give me a rash?

  20. arushi says:

    I’m 17 and i have so many hairs near vagina.. i would not afford laser hair removal and waxing …. can anyone please suggest me dat what i have to do to get a clean hair free vagina??

    • hair free says:

      I find the most effective & least expensive method to remove hair from the bikini area is to use hair removal lotion. It’s easy to use, cheap, quick, lasts longer than shaving & best of all; the longer you use it, the less hair grows back over time! Just don’t leave it on longer than 10 minutes with each use & don’t get any on your clit or in your vagina! You can find it in your local drug stores like Walgreens, CVS, etc.

      I believe in reciprocation so I’ve done the removal lotions & now do laser & electrolysis. I’m nearly completely smooth now.

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