Pubic Hair Designs – Is That A Heart I See?

If you have been to a salon for a bikini wax, your aesthetician may have asked you what shape you want the top of your pubic hair to be shaped into. Generally, you can have a stripe, a little round patch, or a triangle. It all depends what you think looks best.

What other cool designs can I get?

Well, pubic hair designs take this choice to a whole new level. Some products allow you to shape the top part of your pubic hair into little hearts, stars, lips, moons, or other designs. Templates sold at sex stores and through some salons and on-line stores allow you to shape your pubic hair into specific designs. Some stores will even customize your template so that you get the exact design you want. The template gives you edges to work with so that you can shave or wax around the template.

Is DIY pubic hair design doable?

Yeah, you can do this yourself – at home even! Here’s how: You begin by preparing your skin and trimming your pubic hair down as much as possible. Then, you apply the template and shave or wax around it. If you are shaving, you will likely find the going easier with a close-shaving electric razor with attachments that allow you to shave small areas at a time. If you are waxing, you will need to use tiny strips of linen at a time in order to get the detail and edges of the template correct. Some people create special wax strips by tracing their design onto the linen strip that they plan to use for waxing. They then cut the design out with scissors and wax as usual. The hole they have cut in the center of the strip does not remove any hair, so a design is left on their pubic hair. In any case, creating pubic hair designs takes a lot more work and is likely only possible if you have some extensive practice shaving or waxing your pubic hair.

Are there any other ways to create my own templates?

Yes. Some people create their own templates by trimming their pubic hair and then using a cosmetic pencil such as eyeliner to draw a design on their skin. They then shave or wax use the lines as a guide. This is much trickier than using a template because it is so easy to shave over the lines you have drawn for yourself.

Can I ask for a pubic hair design at my next salon visit?

Some salons and aestheticians are happy to create pubic hair designs for you if you bring in a template or a specific idea of what you want done. This service is often done as part of a bikini wax or a Brazilian wax. The plus of taking it to a professional is that the design will be perfect. If you want complex designs – such as words – you will likely have to get someone other than yourself to shave or wax you, since it will require detailed work that is just about impossible to do on your own.

What about maintenance?

No matter how you get pubic hair designs done, they do require maintenance. Still, many people find this an interesting process. It doesn’t carry any risks other than the ones usually associated with shaving or waxing your pubic area and it’s a relatively simple way to feel like a sex goddess for a bit!

Last Thoughts?

My personal recommendation for pubic hair removal is using Revitol Hair Removal Cream. Read my review to find out why it was awarded ‘Editors Choice’ for best hair removal product.


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  1. vinod says:

    plz send actual pubichair design photographs, so that i can follow by making various designs on different pubic areas.

  2. fred says:

    I am a 50+ male who has been keeping every thing from the neck down,not just the pubic area,hair free for over 30 years.I use either Nair or Veet removal cream and have had no adverse reactions in all that time.Nothing feels better then smooth,hairless legs and nylons for an evening out.

  3. Shapes are hard to do in pubic hair but can be achieved. Check the video on my blog out


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