Latest Pubic Hair Designs – Chaplin, Mohawk, Brazilian…

Pubic hair designs have grown to be a style statement. More so, it is a way of expressing one’s personal taste just like having different types of hair styles. Gone are the days when people would be doing away with uncared pubic hair. Now, there are myriad of styles for you to choose from and express your fashion statement – only if you are among those who are not trying to align with the drift.

Pubic Hair Designs – Throughout The Ages…

Rarely recognized among the classical art form – pubic hair designs have been a part of human embellishment for centuries. Evident from Michelangelo’s works depicting male “David” with stylized pubic hair, or spotted in Hokusai’s picture “The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife,” pubic hair designs seemed to have a coquettish appeal. The fascination inclination for such prowess still runs along the vogue – more and more people are introducing innovative pubic hair designs.

Can You Do It Yourself?

There are numerous styles to choose from if you visit a salon. However, a simple way would be to use shavers or a pair of scissors to trim your pubic hair and style your pubic hair yourself. You can just trim the hair whichever way you like to create your own pubic hair designs or go for waxing – be ready to bear the pain while waxing. However, if you are true patriot of designs a professional should be your preference.

The Wide Range Of Pubic Hair Designs

Now, looking for newer pubic hair designs on turf, your options begin with a simple triangle – that is hairs removed normally by waxing them from the sides to form a triangle, so that pubic hair cannot be seen while wearing you favorite swimwear. The next is the “line landing strip” – your hairs would be sharply removed from the sides to form a long centered vertical rectangle with the length of hair nearly quarter of an inch.

An enamored option for you would be the ‘Chaplin’ moustache – a shorter, square version of the landing strip. With a spiked middle and shaved left and right, the Mohawk designs are the new rage. Faux Hawk is a design where your hair is styled in Mohawk fashion without shaving the hair. For colored designs go for a dyed style to match the hair on your head.

The bull or Butch style is where you trim the hair very short leaving a small perpetual long patch. If you are looking for exclusive Brazilian waxing or G-wax designs you would have a very thin remnant, narrow stripe at center above the vulva nearly an inch in height and the hair length would be in the sub-centimeter range. An ultimate style – full-Brazilian, Hollywood, bare means you have the pubic hair completely removed. The designs never end – if you want to achieve the perfect design go to a professional who can lend steady individual strokes for an impeccable design.

Last Thoughts?

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8 Responses
  1. kevin says:

    My girl likes the landing strip, It complements her beautiful 38″ hips.
    She keeps my fuzz short so when I wear my shorts, nothing frizzes out.

  2. Jeff says:

    I loved the way the landing strip looks on the women’s pubes so much I decieded that that’s the why I was going to wear my pubes. Shaved but with the little landing strip. I think it looks good myself rather than bare. The only person to see it is my wife and doctor. The wife likes it and doc doesn’t mention it! Alot cooler in the south also.


  4. xjygzv says:

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