Vaniqa: The Real Way to Slow Hair Growth

Have you noticed that most hair removal methods give a range when estimating how long results will last? Depilatories last anywhere from a week to three weeks or a month. Shaving lasts from a day (or less!) to a week. Of course, these estimates reflect the fact that women’s hair grows at different rates. Still, you may be frustrated if you are always finding that your hair crops up as soon as possible after shaving or waxing. If so, you will be excited to know that the FDA has approved the use of the drug Vaniqa as an effective and safe method of slowing hair growth.

How do I get my hands on Vaniqa?

It is available through prescription only, meaning that you have to visit your dermatologist or doctor, or purchase Vaniqa through an online prescription, if you want to try this new treatment. A responsible doctor or dermatologist will explain how Vaniqa works and will talk with you to determine whether Vaniqa will really work for you. Since it is a powerful agent, Vaniqa is usually not prescribed to just anyone who wants to slow hair growth. Why? As with any drug, there can be some side effects and risks to consider, after all. Vaniqa can be expensive and works only in conjunction with other hair removal methods (meaning you will have to keep paying for whatever methods you use now). It is also not covered by many health insurance policies, meaning it probably only makes sense if you have excessive or very fast growing hair that is difficult to get rid of.

How does Vaniqa act as a hair growth inhibitor?

Vaniqa contains eflornithine hydrochloride, which delays cell functions that are responsible for generating growth in hairs. If you and your doctor do decide that Vaniqa is for you, you will have to buy the product and then spread it on the skin after regular hair removal methods. After about two months of continued use, you will notice that your hair grows back more slowly. Hair growth will not stop completely, so you will still have to continue to remove hair. Usually, Vaniqa is applied daily (twice a day) and must be applied for as long as you want to halt hair growth. This means that if for any reason you discontinue treatment, you will find your hair starts to grow back at normal rates again.

Are generics available at a lower cost?

Yes! Eflornithine Hydrochloride can be purchased online at a cost effective price from here.

Who should not use Vaniqa?

Vaniqa may cause skin irritation and should not be used by pregnant women. If you use depilatories or hair removal creams on your face you may also want to give Vaniqa a pass, since the two chemicals together may prove very irritating for skin.

Who should use Vaniqa?

Generally, because of the risks and the bother of getting Vaniqa, Hairchick recommends this product only to women who suffer from hirsutism, or from hair that grows back unusually fast. For these women, Vaniqa can be a great help. For the rest of us, other alternatives make more sense (even if they are a pain sometimes).

So what are my best alternatives?

Well, we believe your best choices are:

  • Revitol – This is a hair removal cream with a built in inhibitor, from a reputable company. I use this product myself due to its cost effectiveness and ease of use. Click the link to read my review and find out why this product wins our ‘Editors Choice’ award.
  • Kalo – This is a non prescription proprietary hair growth inhibitor which has proven results. If you are looking for a stand-alone inhibitor, this is the one for you.


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