Sugaring – A Sweeter Alternative to Shaving?

Sugaring received a lot of press attention in the 1990s, when a series of infomercials and an aggressive ad print campaign tried to convince women everywhere that sugaring was a painless and natural way to remove hair. Sugaring may not leave you laughing or shrieking with joy, but it is a decent alternative to waxing. Just don’t believe everything you hear about it.
The truth is, sugaring has been used as a way to remove unwanted hair for many generations, especially in India. The good news is that it is all natural, consisting mainly of sugar, liquid sugars (such as molasses or honey) and something acidic (lemon juice in the most natural preparations).

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Sexy Leg Waxing Secrets

If your legs cultivate obnoxious weeds over the winter months, it’s time to let the sun shine in. Say goodbye to those well-worn slacks; say hello to short skirts, sideways glances and kudos.

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Eyebrow Waxing – Achieving A Sassy Shape

Well-groomed eyebrows are key to a pulled-together look. Flip through any magazine, and you will see that all models have perfect eyebrows. In fact, some beautiful people claim that all they need to do for a glamorous look is to define their eyebrows and slick on some lip color. Most make-up artists back them up by claiming that eyebrows are the simplest way to instantly make over a face.

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Body Waxing – Smoother Than Barry White

Shaving every day is a pain, and many women who are fed up turn to waxing to get rid of body hair. You can wax virtually every area of your body, and the process leaves you very smooth for weeks, not days. Since hair is ripped out at the root, there is no stubble. Body waxing is painful – although not nearly so painful as bikini waxing – and can be costly when done at a salon, since every body part is charged separately. There are two basic ways to get waxed and smooth: at home wax kits and salon waxing.

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Bikini Waxing: The Low Down

You’re basking in the hot summer sun, sipping a pina colada, listening to the waves crashing in your little piece of tropical paradise whilst the bronzed god of your dreams rubs sun-block on your back. All of a sudden an urge to dip your toes in the water, lower your body into the sea and swim out past the high waves overtakes you. You roll over, peel back your towel, prepare to run to the shore and oh my gosh … what’s that creeping out of your swimsuit? A public display of pubic hair is as unsightly as the string of an untucked tampon hanging beyond the thong, and about as glamorous as swimming without a tampon when you’ve got your you know what.

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Waxing is all about getting rid of hairy bits from their roots and securing your place in hairfree heaven for 2-3 weeks. This hair removal system involves applying wax to clean skin and then ripping it off with cotton strips. Hair comes off with the strips.

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Brazilian Wax – All Laid Bare

brazilian wax - ouch!Brazilian Wax – It’s the word out on the street, the hype beneath the sheets, the freedom to strut your stuff – out with the big knickers and on with the thong.

Brazilian bikini waxing is definitely not just for the rich, the lean, the porn stars or the Demi Moores and Gwyneth Paltrow’s of today. This ‘clean sweep’ of hair in the pubic region has become increasingly popular since the late 80’s. Women (and men) are screaming for it, it’s mainstream and readily available at many beauty salons.
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