What Is Unwanted Hair, Anyway?

Have you ever noticed how strange ads about hair are? One minute you are watching an ad for shampoo that promises to sprout tons of hair. This shampoo, you are assured, has enough vitamins, proteins, and minerals to feed a football team and it is made to give you as much hair as possible. A second later, you see another ad, one which claims to get rid of unwanted hair, usually by some violent means – ripping, toxic chemicals, electrical volts, deathly sharp razors. And isn’t it strange that balding men will do anything to generate hair on their heads – even if it means wearing bouffant toupees that look like large rodents – but will work equally hard to get rid of the hair on their back, which is growing just fine?

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Hair Removal Systems: Sorting Out the Myths from the Facts

All hair removal systems are not created equal, and some systems make strange claims about effectiveness.

What are the facts?

To help you sort out fact from fiction, take a look at the following facts:

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Hair Removal Pain Relief – Taking The “Ouch!” Out Of Touchable Skin

And now for the bad news: every hair removal system hurts or at least has the potential to hurt. That means that every woman who regularly removes unwanted hair will feel pain at some point. (Of course, how much pain is felt depends on your tolerance threshold for pain).

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Facial Hair Removal

Facial hair is the worst, isn’t it? You can cover up other parts of your body, but your face is always on display. Any hair removal mistake, any irritation, and any hair is instantly visible on your face. And isn’t it just rich that your face has some of the most delicate skin on your body, making it more susceptible to rashes, burns, and other types of irritation that are possible with hair removal systems?

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Perfect Eyebrow Shaping Techniques

Eyebrow Shaping

Bright eyed and bushy browed? The good news is, few things make you appear as glamorous as a well-groomed pair of eyebrows – they are the perfect targets for a quickie makeover that will instantly prettify your face. The bad news is that done wrong, eyebrows can make you appear frightening or old or frighteningly old – and there are few ways to hide the damage.

Eyebrow Shaping – So how do I get a perfect result?

First, take a good inventory of your eyebrows and face shape and determine the eyebrow style you want. Do you want a dramatic look? Do you want shaping to give you full eyebrows or thinner eyebrows? As a general rule, most faces are best with an eyebrow shape close to their original shape – only tidier. Some women do make dramatic changes in the shape and color of their brows, though – and look fabulous. If you want dramatic change, take your brows to a good salon or spa, or your results may be dramatically traumatic, not to mention long lasting.

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Convincing Him To Take It Off: Back Hair Removal

Many men know that women find back hair unsightly but some men are so befuddled by the process that they never even attempt to get rid of their back hair. It’s ironic – most men begin shaving way before they have facial hair, but they seem less sure about what to do with back hair. In any case, if you are a man with back hair (or if you know a man you’d like to see smoothed out a bit) there are a few options.

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When Nothing But Your Hair Gets Ripped Off: Affordable Hair Removal

Hair removal is big business. Women spend billions in the United States alone seeking baby-smooth skin. Some women spend thousands of dollars seeking systems that make hair removal less of a pain. Even if you stick with basic methods, supplies and salon appointments can really add up. Worse, many manufacturers of hair removal systems are more than happy to part you and your money – even if their systems are completely ineffective.

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Hair Removal Tips

Want to know the absolute best hair removal tips to get rid of unwanted hair all over your body? There are no hard and fast answers, and all methods have some drawbacks, but you can explore solutions by following these simple rules:

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