Transdermal Hair Removal

There are basically two types of transdermal hair removal devices. One is like an electric tweezer. The other and more popular transdermal hair removal device is a cotton swab that transmits a low-voltage electrical current. You spread a conductive gel over your skin and press the swab to your skin. The gel is passes the electric current to your hair follicles, destroying the hair and its root. These devices are generally sold for home use and are fast, painless, and permanent. Sometimes, these devices are called transdermolysis, or needleless electrolysis, and you can find them online, at drug stores, and in some salon.

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Laser Facial Hair Removal

Pale skin and dark unwanted hair on your face? Laser facial hair removal may be for you. It takes as much time as a wax, and less time than tweezing, but results last much longer. In fact, some women love the idea of permanently getting rid of unwanted hair on their faces – and it’s not just because they want to be spared the hassle of waxing or tweezing. The fact is, during tweezing, skin is tugged and pulled. Over the years, this results in damage to the skin and possibly added sags and wrinkles. Some professionals and dermatologists think that laser may be gentler to skin over the long run because no pulling and yanking takes place. Of course, every time you tweeze or wax your face, you risk broken skin, welts and other skin damage. Laser testaments may leave you red for a few hours, but broken or torn skin is unlikely if you go to a reputable professional.

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Home Electrolysis – Pros And Cons

Common Home Electrolysis KitSince many women have become big fans of electrolysis – a professional procedure that gets rid of hairs permanently – a number of companies have started to sell machines for use at home. These machines, claim their manufacturers, achieve the same permanent results as the salon procedure at a fraction of the price.

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Hair Removal Lasers – Which Type?

Want to get laser hair treatments to get rid of unwanted hair? you can either visit a salon or spa with experienced professionals or use an at home laser kit. While laser treatment from a salon or spa gets rid of hair more effectively than home laser kits, it is useful to know what type of machine will be zapping your skin.

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Free From What? ‘Finally Free’ Hair Remover and a Storm in a Teacup

Finally Free is a brand that makes what they call a “hair remover” which is really a home electrolysis kit. Finally Free advertises pretty heavily, meaning that you will probably hear about them at some point. If you know anyone who has bought a Finally Free unit, you will likely be hearing about it.

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Blend Electrolysis – A Perfect Blend for Permanent Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the only medically-approved way to get rid of hair permanently. If you go into a salon for a consultation, though, you may find that you are told about complicated systems. Words like “thermolysis”, “galvanic”, and “blend” may be used. Basically, these three words represent the types of electrolysis available:

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Burn, Baby, Burn! The Alexandrite Laser Damages Hair Follicles For Permanent Hair Removal

The Alexandrite laser has often been used for getting rid of tattoos and dark pigment on skin, but it has now been approved for use as a hair removal method. What is exciting about this laser is that it goes deeper into the skin tissue than other types of hair removal lasers, and some experts think this may help to ensure long-term and even permanent hair removal of even very tough hairs. Some women report that Alexandrite lasers irritate their skin less than other types of lasers.

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Affordable Laser Hair Removal – Easy-On-The-Purse

Even though laser hair removal has been around for years, it is still a service which is costly at salons. The price tag on hair removal may be on the decline, but sessions can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Laser hair treatments cost more since multiple sessions are needed for permanent results.

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Electrolysis – Why Women Are Rushing To The Salon To Get It Done!

Electrolysis is effectively performed at a salon, hurts more than just about any other hair removal method, and is among the most expensive ways to get rid of hair. So why do women rush to salons to get it done? Simple: it is one of only two permanent ways to get rid of unwanted hair. That fact alone has made spas and salons adopt electrolysis in mass numbers. Women are willing to spend hundreds of dollars to get rid of small patches of hair. Peace of mind has a cost, but some women claim that they save money in the long run by never having to pay for razors or waxes again. Women who are concerned about skin damage and aging are often enthusiastic about electrolysis, since it eliminates the need for tweezing or waxing, processes that can lead to sags over time.

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The Ultimate Maintenance-Free Hair Plan: Permanent Hair Removal

Many hair removal systems claim to be “virtually permanent”, but only one or two really are permanent. Electrolysis and laser hair removals are really the only ways to permanently remove hair, and both work by having the root of the hair destroyed. Both are only permanent when done by a qualified practitioner and both may require multiple sessions to really achieve permanent results. With laser hair treatments, you will need to go to several sessions to get permanent results. There are home electrolysis and laser kits available, which are good at removing hair temporarily.

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