Armpit Hair Removal

Armpit hair removal is one of the biggest contributors to personal hygiene and presentation. All women and some men remove armpit hair on a regular basis. It is not only a fashion necessity but also a matter of personal hygiene. Armpit hair removal should be done more regularly than that of the legs and hands as armpit hair grows faster than the hair on your legs. Women may also remove armpit hair for fashion reasons especially if one is wearing a sleeveless or cap sleeved dress. -- Armpit Hair Removal -->

Threading (Khite) – A Natural Hair Removal Alternative?

Threading, or Khite, has been around for many hundreds of years, and continues to be a traditional way of removing hair in parts of Asia and the Middle East. A few years ago, it experienced a sort of come back in the West as all sorts of Eastern things (including Rumi and hennaing) became popular. It is still widely available in ethic salons and salons specializing in natural hair removals.

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Sleeker, Silkier, Smoother – Hair Free Days With Epilators

Epilators, or mechanical epilators, as they are sometimes called, are strange little devices that hold certain nostalgia for me – they were my first foray into the world beyond shaving. Basically, these are electrical machines that look much like electric razors, except that they have rows of coiled springs instead of razors. The idea is that you epilators on and run them over your skin. The coils grasp the hairs and rip them out of your skin, leaving you in considerable pain but with very smooth legs that will stay smooth for a few weeks.

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Bleaching Black Bristles or Upper Lip Fuzz?

Bleaching is one ‘disap-hair-ing’ act (pardon the pun) that is goof-proof enough to do at home. It’s not exactly hair removal, but it has a similar effect. If you have pale skin and fine hair, bleaching could be your alternative to electrolysis and waxing. It’s a lifesaver for pale women with facial hair, since it works especially well for embarrassing fuzz on the upper lip or cheeks. It’s also good for arms, and even thighs. Because bleach is a strong chemical, you should never use it around the eye area or on the bikini line.

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