Vaniqa: The Real Way to Slow Hair Growth

Have you noticed that most hair removal methods give a range when estimating how long results will last? Depilatories last anywhere from a week to three weeks or a month. Shaving lasts from a day (or less!) to a week. Of course, these estimates reflect the fact that women’s hair grows at different rates. Still, you may be frustrated if you are always finding that your hair crops up as soon as possible after shaving or waxing. If so, you will be excited to know that the FDA has approved the use of the drug Vaniqa as an effective and safe method of slowing hair growth.

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Hair Growth Inhibitors – Scam or Effective Solution?

Hair growth inhibitors are natural or chemical liquids that promise to prolong the effects of your favorite hair removal method by slowing the rate at which your excess hair grows. More recently, they have been cropping up in drug stores, body moisturizers, ads, and dermatologist offices. Some of them are effective but not all are created equal. -- Hair Growth Inhibitors -->