Brazilian Shave – The Number 1 Sensation

Brazilian bikini and hollywood waxes may be highly chic right now, but many people have actually been shaving their pubic hair for years. A Brazilian bikini shave involves shaving all the hair from the pubic area and leaving the entire area bare. It is a good technique for women who crave the look of a Brazilian wax but who hate the thought of going into the salon for such a private (and sometimes pricey) process. It is also ideal for women who like to wear skimpy underwear and don’t want to worry about their bikini line showing. With this method, there is no bikini line to worry about!

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Trimming Pubic Hair

Whether planning to sugar or wax your bikini line, trimming hair slightly may make for a less painful experience (just make sure your hairs remain longer than 1/4 inch so that they can still be effectively removed). If you are going to be using depilatory cream, a razor, or are heading to a salon for electrolysis or laser treatment, trimming ahead of time can make the job easier by allowing an easier view. If nothing else, it can keep the whole area neat and tidy.

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Pubic Hair Designs – Is That A Heart I See?

If you have been to a salon for a bikini wax, your aesthetician may have asked you what shape you want the top of your pubic hair to be shaped into. Generally, you can have a stripe, a little round patch, or a triangle. It all depends what you think looks best.

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How To Remove Pubic Hair | Best Bikini Hair Removal Cream

If you tend to worry about what is known as the ‘bikini line’, or hair that peeks out of underwear and bikini bottoms, then at some point you will probably want to remove some pubic hair. Read more

Affordable Laser Hair Removal – Easy-On-The-Purse

Even though laser hair removal has been around for years, it is still a service which is costly at salons. The price tag on hair removal may be on the decline, but sessions can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Laser hair treatments cost more since multiple sessions are needed for permanent results.

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Hair Removal Pain Relief – Taking The “Ouch!” Out Of Touchable Skin

And now for the bad news: every hair removal system hurts or at least has the potential to hurt. That means that every woman who regularly removes unwanted hair will feel pain at some point. (Of course, how much pain is felt depends on your tolerance threshold for pain).

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Vaniqa: The Real Way to Slow Hair Growth

Have you noticed that most hair removal methods give a range when estimating how long results will last? Depilatories last anywhere from a week to three weeks or a month. Shaving lasts from a day (or less!) to a week. Of course, these estimates reflect the fact that women’s hair grows at different rates. Still, you may be frustrated if you are always finding that your hair crops up as soon as possible after shaving or waxing. If so, you will be excited to know that the FDA has approved the use of the drug Vaniqa as an effective and safe method of slowing hair growth.

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