When the Woman in the Mirror is Very Hairy: Hypertrichosis

Many women feel that they have too much unwanted hair. Most times, we feel this way because we wish we had less hair or because getting rid of the unwanted hair we have is such a bother. However, some people suffer from a medical condition known as hypertrichosis.

What is hypertrichosis?

Hypertrichosis is the term used to describe excessive hair in both men and women that follows normal hair patterns. In plain language, if a woman has a lot of hair on her legs or a man has a lot of hair on his back, they are considered to be affected by hypertrichosis. This condition does not refer to excessive hair on unexpected parts of the body (on women’s chests or on ears, for example).

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Hirsutism – Excess Hair Growth

Excess Hair ~ Hirsutism In the 1800s, the bearded lady was a staple of many circus shows. Today, although medical professionals know that hirsutism is a serious problem, social stigma still affects women suffering from this condition.

What is hirsutism?

Hirsutism is a condition in which women suffer from excess hair – in some cases, as much hair on the face and body as men. Generally, it refers to hair growth that mimics hair growth normal in men. This means, women with hirsutism may grow hair on their chest, face, and even back as well as on their legs and arms. In some cases, hirsutism is caused by other diseases, but in most cases the condition is caused by hormones or genetics.

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